Monday, May 11, 2009

The Extra Special Dress

Dear Young Women,

I love this picture! It's from my son Sean's mission to Nicaragua. Do you notice the young girl in the picture? Her name is Rebecca. When I saw this photo, it immediately melted my heart; Rebecca showed up to be baptized in her Snow White dress because that was the very best dress she had and she wanted to look extra special. She realized her baptism day was a day of reverence and I think she took great care in choosing something that would show just how special this day was to her.

Rebecca's choice should make each one of us think: whatever our circumstances are, do we come to our church meetings in our very best attire? Do we dress like we're going to church to worship and renew our covenants or like we're going to the beach?
Dressing your best is not about going out and buying expensive new clothing, it's about dressing in whatever "best" you have that shows reverence to the Lord.

As summer comes, I hope that each one of us will remember that we should show added respect and reverence to our meetings by dressing appropriately.

Have a great week and remember that I think you're wonderful! TTYL~