Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Returning To The Rocky Path....

Dear Young Women,

Last year I wrote to you about going hiking on a rock path and how difficult it was because I wasn't properly prepared.

Several weeks ago, I returned to the same area - but this time I came equipped with the proper hiking boots. As the trail turned from dirt to rocks, I thought to myself how much easier it was this time because I knew what was coming - and I was ready!

As you go through life you're going to come in contact with many "rocky paths". You might wonder how you can be ready for those hard times; taking the time to read your scriptures every day and developing a real relationship with our Heavenly Father through prayer will help you when things get tough. Doing those things won't remove the rocky paths from our lives, but they will help us to be properly prepared for them - and give us courage and strength as we encounter them.

Also, never forget that you aren't on the rocky path alone - you've got parents, good friends and leaders who will walk with you. I love you all!

PS....this is a picture of the REAL rocky path - it's hard to even see the path, isnt it!

Don't Forget The Priest-Laurel Conference This Weekend

See your Young Women Leaders for Details. It's going to be so much fun! Friday - 8:00-11:00 PM at the Felicita Building; Saturday 11:00 AM-7:30 PM at the Del Mar Stake Center. Attire: nice-casual (no shorts or t-shirts). Hope to see you there!