Monday, June 22, 2009

When He Sees You, Will He Smile?

Dear Young Women,

A few years ago, I went to Girl's Camp and I have never forgotten one of the great visions lessons that I heard while I was there. The wonderful teacher was talking about living our lives so that we make our Heavenly Father proud of us by the kind of life we live and at the end she said something like, "When that day comes and He sees us, will He smile?"
I've thought about that many, many times since then. I know our Heavenly Father loves each one of us and that He will be so happy to see each one of us again, but I hope that we are living our lives so that our actions would make Him smile as well.
Yesterday was Father's Day and although my father passed away many years ago, that visions lesson has often made me think about him too. Am I living my life so that I represent my family well? When I see my earthly father again, will he smile? In other words, do my actions TTYL?
I hope each one of us will remember that our actions not only reflect something about ourselves, but about our families as well. I want all our fathers to smile when they see us and know that we lived our life representing them well and that we are an example of what they have taught us.
I know many of you are getting ready for Girl's Camp - take a lot of pictures and don't forget to send them to us so we can put them on the blog! We hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to hearing all about it! TTYL~

Monday, June 8, 2009


Dear Young Women,

I have been thinking so much about the YW General Presidency's challenge to P-R-S: pray, read, smile. I hope each one of you is doing this every day. I know that I see a big difference in my day when I make these things a priority.

Yesterday, we had a testimony given in our Fast and Testimony meeting by a young man; it was a testimony that I hope I never forget. This young man came to church every week with his mother and sisters, but about five years ago, his mother died and he and his sisters went to live with their faither who was not a member of the church. At first, the children continued coming to church, but as they grew older they came less and less. This young man shared how his life had not been easy and how the light of the gospel became more and more dim because he wasn't involved in church any longer. Then recently, one night just as he was going to bed he saw his scriptures sitting on his nightstand. For some reason, he felt that he should pick them up and open them. As he began to read the first chapter of Nephi, he said he started to remember those wonderful feelings he had when he attended church. He felt prompted to continue reading and as he read he felt strongly that he must return to church.

I am so grateful for this young man's testimony. It was beautiful and heartfelt and I know that although his mother isn't on this earth any longer, she would be so proud of him. I know that the feelings he felt as he read the scriptures was the Holy Ghost testifying of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. It is my hope and prayer that each one of you will read your scriptures daily; this is one important way to stay close to our Heavenly Father.

I love you all! By the way - good luck in your finals!!